Welcome to our website! Make yourselves comfortable, the snickerdoodles are in the pantry

Hello. Welcome to our humble abode.

To be perfectly plain, I’m writing this after watching over an hour and a half’s worth of Donald Trump blithering his way through ill-conceived notions of American foreign and domestic (and really all of the) policy. So please bear with me as I explain what brings us here, to this site.

Well really, it’s pretty simple: Andrew Battifarano and I really enjoy writing.

Eons ago — and by that I mean a few months ago — we discussed the idea of doing a podcast together. No bells and whistles, just the conversations we have regularly with some colorful personalities woven in as guests. If you haven’t heard, we’ve accomplished this goal (Be sure to follow us on iTunes, SoundCloud and Stitcher y’all!).

And shortly after launching the podcast, Andrew and I both talked about the idea of having a forum for thoughts. Lots of them. From different people and perspectives. Not only do we want to cover sports — even though they’re pretty much what we live for — we also want to delve into ~pop culture~ and ~current events~ and other things: Frank Ocean and Stranger Things and Carly Rae Jepsen (we’ll discuss later, but it’s more than likely we actually won’t).

(((Disclaimer: Our writing will not be as free-ranging and incomprehensible as this article. Well, not all of it at least.)))

Anyways, we can’t promise you consistent content. All of us working on this venture are involved in other things — I hesitate to say more important than this, but yeah very much more important than this. So all we can really say is that we’re going to do us, and if you don’t like us you can GTFO, but more specifically, please stay and give us a chance to redeem ourselves.

No really, we’ve got some really talented people working on this project with us and we’re very excited to have the chance to offer them a place on the internet for their incredible ideas.

And with this extremely ambiguous and not altogether satisfying description in mind, I henceforth pronounce “I’ve Heard It Both Ways” multifaceted!

That was underwhelming, but you get the idea and now we can get down to business.

Peace and love.



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